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Read Me: “Emma’s Secret”

Hey Sweets!

So a few days ago my sister-in-law came over to borrow a book. We talked about several different ones I thought she would enjoy. Along with this conversation I started to think about books I own that I really like, but they are older reads so I don’t talk about them much. And so an idea was born!

Every few weeks or so I’m going to share a “Read Me” book. These will be older books that I have read that I found really enjoyable. I won’t reviewing them, but more like highlighting them. First up “Emma’s Secret” by Barbara Taylor Bradford. This novel is the fourth novel in a six series set. However the six books are separated into two trilogies. The first three were written in the 80’s. They follow the life of Emma Harte, local girl gone retail mogul. The second trilogy follows the great-grandchildren of Emma Harte.

Emma’s Secret begins the trilogy with intrigue and drama. The book includes several story lines that all intertwine. The characters are engaging and beautiful. My favorite is Linnet! I hope you’ll check out this great read. For more info check Wiki.

Let me know below if you have read, or do read “Emma’s Secret.”

Also if you prefer visual info check out my video.

Hugs, Shari



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