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This Is My BookTube

Hello  Sweets,

So I’ve recently been involved in a discussion on YouTube about culture: YouTube culture, BookTube culture, etc. I’ve made a couple of videos which i will link below, but i felt like a post would be a good way to express my thoughts without the jitteryness that comes with me being excited/involved in conflict. (Note: i mean ANY perceived conflict. I haven’t experienced any conflict personally.) Onward! The topic has bee mainly focused on the negative nature of idolizing creators on YouTube. There have been several videos that address this far better than i so I’ll leave them below.

Along that same line BookTube has been in discussion about similar topics. One of the most important things about the discussion is that it has got everyone thinking and talking. Now if you are interested in the BookTube culture discussion i will leave a playlist below that was made which has many videos to catch up on. However I’m going to move on to what I feel is the next step.

I have been a part of BookTube for over a year now. Regardless of the effect i have i am effected by the community. I haven’t experiences the negative aspects that are being looked at, but I  also haven’t really experienced the positive either. I think most of this is my wallflower tendencies. But I still feel a part and care where the community goes.

The best thing to do next is to talk about what we want from BookTube, and why we create. I’m a firm believer in improvement and group dynamics are a big part of success in most situations.

Let me know what you think below. HUGS!

My BookTube

BookTube Culture Playlist




I fill my life with people and projects until I'm way to busy for my own good. My life is all about: Create, Love, Faith. Creating anything from photos to books. Loving my life and the people in it. Faith in God and His plan.

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