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Hey Sweets,

So lately i have been contemplating vlogging. Thing is I’m not sure how interesting that will be for others. Either it’s just me working and doing homework or it’s me and Derek being our quirky self and I’m not sure if I’m confident enough to share.

So I’m taking input if you have any thoughts as I think about it. I don’t travel, i don’t have any children to video so I’m worried it will be a total flop.

However the reason I want to do it is that i like it. I’ve tried it a few times and while I decided it wasn’t good enough to upload I enjoyed making it. I like having friends to share my day with, and i want to make memories that i can look back on.





I fill my life with people and projects until I'm way to busy for my own good. My life is all about: Create, Love, Faith. Creating anything from photos to books. Loving my life and the people in it. Faith in God and His plan.

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