Welcome Sweets!

Thanks for coming over! Here’s a little bit of context for the style of this space!

I am an anxious, over worrying kind of bird. I grew up in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I have loved reading and the color blue as far back as I can remember. After surviving the turbulent years of high school I met my husband Derek through work. We were married on Leap Day in 2008. We have several dogs, and one cat.

I’m trying my hand at YouTube as well as blogging. I am also in my last year of study to earn my BA in English.

I am a very nerdy person with way too much going on in my head. I love to read, and aspire to be a writer someday. On a good day I am very productive, but more often I get very distracted. These distractions result in dozens of half finished projects stashed all over the house. I catch on pretty quick, but grow bored easily.

Thank so much for stopping by. If you have a moment leave me your favorite book in the comments!

XXX, Shari



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